Posted by: marissaridesbikes | August 22, 2012

Touchstone Occupies the Podium at 2 Wheel/Early Bird Criterium

Race Report time!
Touchstone Climbing’s Elle Anderson and Marissa Axell raced to the 1st and 3rd spots on the category 1/2 podium, respectively, at the 2 Wheel / Early Bird Women’s Criterium around Sonoma Mountain Village in Rohnert Park on Sunday, August 19th.

Touchstone's Elle Anderson wins the 2 Wheel / Early Bird Women's Crit

Touchstone’s Elle Anderson wins the 2 Wheel / Early Bird Women’s Crit. Photo by Mike O’Neil

Each lap of the course features a slight rise just before the start/finish line, not to mention a generous cross-wind on the backstretch of the course. Eager to animate the race, Elle launched an unexpected and strong counter attack to an early surge, just as the field started the second lap of the race. Her attack quickly gained 10 seconds and Marissa watched the peloton put in an earnest chase. However, when the initial chasers failed to bridge the initial gap to Elle, the chase quickly disorganized and her attack became a solo breakaway that won the race by over a minute.

Marissa not only sprinted to a third place finish behind Vanderkitten/Focus rider Vanessa Drigo, but she played an integral role in the team tactics by policing the front of the main field, quickly neutralizing bridge attempts and ultimately foiling any serious chase. With Elle soon ‘out of sight, out of mind’ ahead of the main field, Marissa heard several different riders ask “is that Touchstone rider sill up the road?”. Yes. Yes, she was.

Touchstone 1st and 3rd at the 2 Wheel / Early Bird Women's crit

Elle Anderson (1st, Touchstone Climbing), Vanessa Drigo (2nd, Vanderkitten/Focus), Marissa Axell 3rd (Touchstone Climbing), Kristin Drumm 4th (Cycles Fanatic), Laurel Green 5th (Early Bird Women). Photo by Mike O’Neil.

Even with the very strong headwind on the back straight, it was a fun and competitive race with another Touchstone-dominated podium!


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