Posted by: marissaridesbikes | August 9, 2012

Touchstone’s Elle Anderson takes 3rd at Fast and Furious Criterium

Mild temperatures, enthusiastic crowds, and a strange and loud cover band descended  on downtown Pleasanton, CA on Sunday, August 5th for the Fast and Furious Criterium. The ingredients for an exciting Women’s P-1-2-3 Crit were all there – We had a tent spot on “team row”, we had a solid crew from Touchstone, Carol, Marissa, Rita and Elle, and there was some great team representation to round out the field of 42. There were 7 Vanderkitten women, 4 Stevens p/b Pactimo, 3 Exergy-Twenty12, 5 from Metromint. The action didn’t disappoint!

The start line was packed with energy as we lined up ready to go. When the whistle blew, the racing started immediately at a blistering pace. For the first few laps, there was a lot of nerves and switching of lines as we navigated the tight first turn, the humped second turn, the long backstretch, and the tight 3rd and 4th turns. There were early attacks and short-lived breaks which meant a fast pace with surges and chasing to keep the pack together. Touchstone was attentive and active at the front, watching for the right moves. About half-way through the 55-minute race, Carol and Marissa were part of a large break of 8 women that looked promising for a few laps before being slowly reeled in. As the confusion set in after reabsorbing the break, Elle attacked on the backstretch, gaining a quick lead of about 10 seconds. At 13 laps to go, it was a tad on the early side for a solo break, however reinforcements came quickly when Alison Tetrick (Team Exergy-Twenty12) and Emily Collins (Vanderkitten-Focus) bridged up, forming a breakaway of 3. Hanging out in front of the main field at about a 10-second advantage for a while, the breakaway gradually solidified a lead of 30-40 seconds, mostly due to the hard work and strong pulls by the 3 leaders.

At one and a half laps to go, Alison took her chances against the sprinter Emily, and attacked from third wheel. The two battled it out for the line, with Emily winning in style in the sprint, Alison finishing second, and Elle crossing the line in 3rd a few seconds back. Meanwhile, the field was lining up for the field sprint – Marissa encountered an open safety pin in the road that gave her a flat just as she was navigating to a prime field-sprint position, with Carol on her wheel. With Marissa pulling off to the sidelines, it was up to Carol and Rita to regain position for the sprint. Mary Maroon (Folsom Bike) won the field sprint, with Carol finishing 18th and Rita close behind in 20th.

We agreed all around it was a fantastic race for the team, with everyone working and riding well together, and having a blast. Favorite part? The team huddle where, despite the ups and downs of the day, we were all just excited to have raced a great race together. Go team!

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NorCal Blog:


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