Posted by: marissaridesbikes | June 27, 2012

Touchstone scores another victory at Burlingame Crit!

What a race for the blue and gold colors of Touchstone Climbing! The team made a plan, raced aggressively and tactically, and blazed to another win this past Sunday, June 24th, in downtown Burlingame. Five Touchstone riders took to the line: Carol, Heather, Elle, Marissa and Rita. There were strong showings from Red Racing (5 riders), Tibco II (3 riders) and riders from Stevens Bikes p/b Pactimo and Metromint Cycling among others for a field of just over 20 women.

TS Carol, Rita and Marissa

Touchstone riders Carol, Rita, and Marissa at Burlingame Crit 2012. Photo by John Wilde.

The first two thirds of the race saw half a dozen attacks – Heather put in a great attack early on, and was joined by Red Racing and Stevens for a break that looked promising. But the group of three was eventually reeled in. Carol and Rita took turns attacking the field and softening up the field as well. Many of the attacks were short-lived because the field seemed eager to chase quickly as Touchstone kept the pace high with well timed counter-attacks.

TS Marissa and Elle

Touchstone’s Marissa and Elle at Burlingame Crit 2012. Photo by John Wilde.

The announcer started counting down the laps with 8 to go as the field was strung out reacting to another acceleration. As the field rounded the corner into the backstretch, the pace eased up just enough, making a perfect counter moment. Carol and Elle both attacked simultaneously with Carol attacking up the left side, and Elle swinging wide to attack up the right. The confusion caused by the double attack allowed Elle to escape from the field and quickly gain nearly a minute on the field.

TS elle win bgame

Touchstone’s Elle wins Burlingame Crit! Photo by John Wilde.

With Elle off the front for the final 8 laps, Touchstone set up to win the field sprint. The field sprint had an element of added confusion as Red Racing’s Juliette Olson was still in ‘no mans land’ but in second place ahead of the charging peloton. The main field nearly caught her for the finish sprint, but Juliette Olson held off the field for 2nd, with Amy Chandos (Stevens Bikes p/b Pactimo) sneaking into 3rd and Kimberly Sperling (Red Racing) taking 5th.

The Women's 1-2-3 Burlingame Crit podium

The Women’s 1-2-3 Podium at the Burlingame Crit. Kim Sperling (5th-Red Racing), Amy Chandos (3rd-Stevens), Elle Anderson (1st-Touchstone), Juliette Olson (2nd-Red Racing), Marissa Axell (4th-Touchstone)

At the end of the day, it was a proud moment for Touchstone. The team came together to execute the winning plan, and everyone contributed and raced excellently. Touchstone is off to a great string of races!

TS team at Burlingame crit

Touchstone riders win at Burlingame: (L-R) Heather Nielson, Elle Anderson, Marissa Axell, Carol Irving, Rita Szeto


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