Posted by: marissaridesbikes | May 9, 2012

Another Podium for Touchstone at El Dorado Town Center Criterium!

On April 22nd, Touchstone’s Ann Stuart and Carol Irving lined up in a small but active  W-1,2,3 field at the inaugural El Dorado Town Center Criterium.  With an array of restaurants and retail shops lining the streets, plus a course with some twists and turns, the race offered some interest and fun for both spectators and competitors.

Tibco II, Metromint, and Rio Strada all had team representation in addition to Touchstone.  After the first lap, the race kicked into gear with a prime lap, which did it’s job to quicken the pace and string out the field.  Despite the small field of 14, the teams kept the racing exciting! Touchstone’s Carol Irving jumped off of a long lead-out by teammate Ann Stuart to win a prime lap, providing the set up for one of the  breakaway attempts of the morning.   However, the vigilant field consistently reeled in all breakaway efforts.

As the field jockeyed for position in the bell lap, it was Metromint’s Jane Robertson that led the charge through the corners with Irving and Tibco II’s Heather Ross hot on her wheel.  All three riders knew that the winner needed to be the first one out of the last corner, but it was Robertson who made the corner first and claimed the victory as Ross and Irving  rounded out the podium in second and third.  Touchstone’s Ann Stuart finished a solid 8th place.


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