Posted by: marissaridesbikes | February 5, 2012

California Sunshine > Ithaca Winter

Teammate Emily Thurston is on the East Coast, where they experience real winter! She’s checked in with the dispatch below. Hurry home Emily!

Sure, I can ride my bike from one side of the Cornell campus where my dad lives to the other side where my brother lives faster than you can drive it. But why would I want to? Rather than hurry the trip, I’ve been making big detours to extend my time on the bike and go play. I’m totally digging the Ithaca winter.

It snowed Sunday night, and so I got to go riding in the snow in the morning. The air was crisp, sunny, and invigorating. It’s a good thing that winter coats are all on clearance here, because my California outerwear wasn’t quite up to the task. I’ve been showing up to wherever I go in a new powder blue parka with the hood on under my helmet, and the locals act all impressed.

“Now you’re going to tell me you rode your bike here,” they say sarcastically as I check out at the register, as if that was an impossible prospect.

I nod my head.

“But it’s so cold. Is that all you’re wearing?” they ask. I got that three times yesterday, three different locals were aghast to learn that I’d been riding my bicycle in the winter in Ithaca. And I’m from California.

I miss my awesome California teammates, the amazing Nor-Cal cycling scene, and the classic early season races I’m skipping, but this casual approach  is probably the perfect thing for healing my sore right knee, which is finally beginning to trust me again. Me and my knee, we keep riding back and forth and back through the snow, and around and down and through the loop-de-loo. So fun.


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