Posted by: marissaridesbikes | January 23, 2012

Winter Team Camp 2012: the beginning

What did you do this past weekend? Amid a rainy Northern California weekend, Touchstone Climbing Women’s Cycling Team kicked off our 2012 season! All 10 riders attended our Winter Team Camp this past weekend in Berkeley and Sonoma County, California.

We began with serious team building at Berkeley Ironworks, our head sponsor Touchstone Climbing’s flagship facility. Teammates gathered to meet and greet with Touchstone staff. Soon we were harnessed up and receiving indoor climbing lessons from team director, Markham Connolly. When we were let loose, several pairs of teammates scaled the walls of Ironworks indoor rock climbing facility together, building more trust as the ground fell further away from our feet.

Touchstone Riders go Climbing at Berkeley Ironworks

Ann Stuart, Beverly Chaney and Karianne Burns climb together at Berkeley Ironworks during Winter Team Camp 2012

Then we braved the stormy weather and safely arrived in Healdsburg, where we set up base camp for the weekend. The evening was filled with stories and anticipation for Saturday’s team clinic.

On Saturday morning the team welcomed local road racing legend Laura Charameda to base camp.

Touchstone Team clinic with Laura Charameda

Laura brought the team together with an interactive clinic featuring both on and off the bike learning.

Laura leading Touchstone Riders

Touchstone Riders listen to Laura Charameda.

Under Laura’s tutelage, Touchstone teammates executed new communication strategies, rode fast, worked hard and implemented new team tactics together. We exemplified “team” in every sense of the word.

Stay tuned for more Winter Team Camp 2012 photos and stories, but first we’d like to thank all our sponsors for their support for this past weekend. A special thanks to Laura Charameda for directing our team camp with her amazing leadership. We are very grateful to Susan Harriman for providing us with the fantastic base camp in Healdsburg, CA. Finally, huge props to teammates Ann Stuart, Sarah Faulkner, and Carol Irving for orchestrating logistics for Winter Team Camp 2012.


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