Posted by: marissaridesbikes | July 2, 2011

Podium: Burlingame Criterium, June 26, 2011

On a warm, lightly breezy Sunday, Carol, Heather, Rita, Ann & Elis raced the Burlingame Criterium. The technical downtown criterium is a northern California classic that usually brings out the local big guns. Because the national championships were scheduled for the same weekend, pre-registration had been a bit low, but the team was happy to see a solid field of 40 women, with good representation from several strong teams. We would have a race on our hands after all!

Photo courtesy of MYi2U

Touchstone alumna Sarah Bamberger met us at the race to direct us. Her years of racing experience were incredibly valuable for the team as she went over the course with us and laid out a plan for us. With 45 minutes to spare the team wrapped up our meeting and headed off to warm up our legs.

The race went exactly as planned, with Carol, Heather, Rita and Ann covering moves and making smart attacks while Elis conserved from the finish. Taking advantage of their numbers to share the effort, Touchstone made sure to always have representation at the front of the race, ready to go with any threatening moves.

It soon became apparent that the field was not happy to let any breaks go during the short race, and with eight laps to go the field was all together. With three to go Heather took advantage of a lull in the field and got a nice gap on the field. She stayed away solo for a lap, and when she was reeled in a RED Racing rider countered her. Rita and Carol headed to the front to manage the gap with help from other teams, and with one to go it was obvious that the field would catch the solo rider before the finish line. Elis was patient through the last lap, making sure she was protected for as long as possible. With about 400 meters to go, Carol caught the solo rider and pulled off the front, leaving two riders in front of Elis. Anna from Specialized/Missing Link jumped early, trying to get a gap on the pack, but Martina Patella from RED Racing and Elis jumped with her. As the three entered the final straightaway together Martina jumped first and took the win by half a bike length in front of Elis. Anna held on for third place with the rest of the field coming through a few seconds later.

Thanks to all of our sponsors for their support!


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