Posted by: marissaridesbikes | May 8, 2011

Doing loops at the Hellyer Master’s Omnium

Due to family commitments the morning of Saturday, April 30, Touchstone rider Beverly Chaney wasn’t able to race the Wente RR with her awesomely speedy teammates, but she was able to go to the Hellyer Velodrome in San Jose Saturday afternoon for the Master’s Omnium, and was glad she did!  Despite a strong breeze blowing across the track it was a gorgeous day for racing with some of the fastest, nicest folks around.

The omnium consisted of four events:  a 200m TT, a 20 lap points race with sprints every 5, a 500m TT, and then a 15 lap scratch race.  Points were awarded to all places in each event, and the overall omnium winner determined by the greatest total number of points.

200m TT

Bev was dismayed to arrive at the track a mere 30 minutes before the start time only to find out she was the first rider to line up for the 200m.  Not an ideal situation for sure, so a very quick warm up was called for and off she went.  It’s very difficult to tell how fast your time was in a TT and with the wind whipping down the back stretch everyone felt sure their time was slow.  Bev was happy to end up in third place, 0.6 sec off of first.  Next time she’ll get there early and have the proper gearing on the bike too (not an 85).

Bev rides at the front

Points Race

Points racing is a mix of trying to conserve energy, then sprinting for all your worth every few minutes, then trying to recover rapidly so you don’t get dropped.  It’s exhausting.  Points go 4 deep (5,3,2,1) every 5 laps.  Folks that are really good are able to keep track of everyone’s points the whole race and modify their effort accordingly – I just try to beat as many riders as I can to the line each time.  Result = 3rd with still too easy of a gear.

500m TT

This is 1.5 laps with a standing start and is an event Beverly really wants to improve in.   By carefully watching World Champion Lorrain Jarvis in action and trying to incorporate all the past advice given to her, Bev had a solid effort and took 2nd place with a time of 42.2 sec ( but still needs to take off 2+ seconds).

Scratch Race

Pure and simple – first one across the line wins, just like a crit.  There was quite a bit of strategy chit chat going on before this race as us solo riders tried to figure out a way to outsmart the very strong San Jose and Early Bird teams.  Track superstar, Katy Stonebreaker (Velo Bella) and Bev had a plan and nearly pulled it off.  With 7-8 laps to go Katy and another rider attacked off the front.  As the group caught them Bev counterattacked and was off the front with 6 to go.  The wind was a real problem and she was relieved to see Katy bridging across to her.  They had a big gap and were trading pulls every ½ lap until 1 to go when Bev just gave it everything she had.  She really thought she had the win until right at the line Lorrain pipped her by an inch.  Katy took 3rd.

When the final omnium results were posted, Bev was third, only one point off second.

Thank you Warren, Bill, all the officials and volunteers, and racers  – what a fun day!  We even had ice cream at the end.


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