Posted by: marissaridesbikes | March 29, 2011

Salinas Criterium Race Report

Touchstone riders, Marissa Axell and Beverly Chaney, toed the start line for the Salinas Criterium under very blustery and wet conditions on Sunday, March 19, 2011. Because of the terrible weather, the turn out was very low. In fact only one other rider (from Davis) raced the same category.  Three other women lined up to race but they were Category 4 and scored separately.

Touchstone rider, Marissa, attacked at the start and the field shred quickly. The Davis rider stayed with Touchstone, while the others fell off the pace. In lap two, Beverly attacked the field with Davis working to close the gap. As soon as the gap was nearly closed, Marissa counter attacked and this time Davis didn’t respond. Touchstone remained off the front, and began gaining time on the other two. Beverly tried to bridge to Marissa, but she was unable to shake the Davis rider, rendering the bridge attempt unsuccessful.

At 6 laps to go, Marissa lapped the other two riders in the field. At the finish line, it was Touchstone with the win. The Davis rider sprinted to the finish for second place. Touchstone was first and third on the day.


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