Posted by: marissaridesbikes | March 29, 2011

Land Park Criterium: teamwork for the win!

Touchstone Climbing racers: Elis, Heather N, Marissa, and Rita all braved the weather and lined up on the start line at the blustery and rainy Land Park Criterium on March 26, 2011.

As all the riders migrated to the start line, Touchstone racers were very pleased to see a large field of women that heroically braved the cold temperatures, wind and rain to race their bikes. The start line was very cold, but as soon as the start whistle rang out, everyone was off and racing, forgetting about the cold. Unfortunately, a crash occurred and the racers were instantly neutralized for three laps. Once the race restarted, Metromint riders began attacking early, with Fremont, Vanderkitten, and Touchstone countering. After 6 laps, Touchstone bridged to a break that looked that it might be dangerous. However, the field was not eager to let anyone get up the road.

Eventually it was clear that the race would set up for a field sprint. With three laps to go, Touchstone’s Heather N. attacked and quickly strung out the field. With two laps to go, Heather was still driving the pace when Metromint began their leadout, continuing to drive the pace, creating a safe leadout situation. At one lap to go, Elis was tucked in near the front with Marissa glued to the rear wheel. Elis quickly created space to navigate brilliantly to the front.  The two Touchstone riders emerged from the chicane as 2nd and 3rd wheel. At the headwind section, another rider attacked and was up the road about 50 meters, solo. In her characteristic style, Elis unleashed a ferocious sprint with Marissa still glued to the rear wheel. Elis expertly brought Marissa to the perfect place to began the sprint. Marissa raced past the solo rider and lunged across the line for the win! The amazing leadout acceleration by Elis caused a large gap to open behind both Touchstone riders, allowing Elis to sprint to the line ahead of the field to take second! Congratulations to Metromint’s Amanda Siegle who took 3rd and the “most aggressive rider” prize.

Touchstone would like to congratulate all the brave women who endured terrible rainy and windy conditions to race their bikes!



  1. It was a great race to watch. Touchstone rocked it big time!

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